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Foot Pain? Lets Fix that!

The Value It WILL Bring To Your Life

•Gives feet a time to relax and heal, pair with essential oils or bath salts!

•You can use it while doing other tasks such as read, watch TV, sow, play on your phone, etc.

•Not clunky easy to store away, no clutter

•More Joyful moments on your feet free of crippling pain

Our Design

Guaranteed Refund If Not Satisfied

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Our Mission

We believe in providing products to help the essential workers & ones on their feet all day, our products are here to give you relief so you are not robbed of joy from your pains so you can have more joy in your step.

Disclaimer- we are not held liable if you burn or freeze your body in any way from any sort of liquid, if you use the product for prolonged periods of time such as session longer then 1 hour, any self-inflicted harms such as hyperthermal, frostbite or sensitive skin irritation or rashes caused by prolonged use we are not held liable for thank you